Awesome offerings

Our major offerings include design and development in iOS, Android & Web platforms. Each service is managed and delivered with care for either, App or Product.  


Enterprise & Consumer Mobility

Developing a classy product / App based on either platforms (iOS / Android) requires maintaining uniformity across design & user interface without any quality loss or differentiation for its consumer / enterprise variants. Swift and Objective-C are the contributing languages for development on iOS while Java and Kotlin are used to code on Android in keeping with the respective platform guidelines.

Product & Platform Development

Platform and Product development are two sides of the coin. Developing a platform requires a peek into the ideas that could see development someday as products. Development of products require proper scope and the need to develop, in order to facilitate the rise of an envisioned solution or service.


User experience design

As a quality seeker, you maybe coming across various companies and vendors looking to convince you to opt for their services, but not everyone knows what they can offer or deliver whats offered. Design and user experience goes hand in hand while development

Integrated & Seamless Apps

Introducing different hardware devices into an existing software / app can be tricky and might require a lot of testing in house, before its actually deployed for public use. We take inspirations from Apple and how everything responds just the way you want to sometimes exceeding expectations. Come, let’s do something for you and make some magic happen.


Digital Transformation

It’s the idea of progressing creatively while being digitally advanced by helping cut down persisting issues with acceptable solutions in keeping with the past efforts people made to leverage the societal standards, culture or even other unknown problems. Combating issues with digital solutions is basically what transformation is all about.

Emerging Tech

Close to a decade since the AppStore launch, people now look beyond the idea of just an App or its development. An App will be of less use, like a generic website if it does not bring or ease the users life. Augmented reality / Machine learning / VR / Wearable tech is the current trend in technologies that can be integrated with Apps.



Our belief in our immaculate philosophy of ‘partnership’ establishes our key principle – deliver the best for a win-win situation’. It is this belief and working principle that drives our motivation to promise and deliver the best value to our customers.

Services | 3 Roots Studios


Our focus is equally and significantly distributed between innovation & reality. Our idea mapping to realistic execution is certainly a stand-out process where we work on the lines of SWOT, lean and other similar theories.
Services | 3 Roots Studios


Upon commencement of the execution phase, our design and development specialists reinvigorate the conceptualized idea and follow a systemic approach of beautifying binary that yields progressive solutions. This includes a multi-phase or a multi-stage approach with regular pit-stops after every prelim build, to test and re-instigate.



Sometimes a mirage, other times deja-vu or even eureka; all boil down to a concise idea that begins the story! The amelioration of an idea into a new concept and in turn into a measurable business value add is the driving force in every project we deal with.


One of the toughest things to gauge is human perception. It is primarily driven by a series of factors which are unique in their respects. At 3 Roots we formulate a perfectly intuitive design strategy through which we offer an interface that is self-explanatory and offer an experience that is excitingly great compelling users to reuse.


3 Roots Studios stands at an ace position unpuzzling the jigsaw of screen elements to formulate a perfectly intuitive and user-friendly UX. The synonymity and exploration for the functionality and usability of an app/game or website though is an oxymoron but is symmetrically balanced to create world-class apps/games and website that aptly exemplify beautifying binary.


Beyond the development wireframes and blueprints, there lies prestigious UI thats the crux of beautifying binary by “First Impression is last impression”. An interactive and aesthetically designed user interface not only is omnipresent in our apps/games and website but also formulates the brand creating a unique identity that works hand-in-hand with the functionality.
The successful and efficient culmination of user experience and user interface ranks on top for what we strive to achieve at 3 Roots Studios and every app/game and website we develop.    


From being a good listeners, to creatively innovative, robust, energetically enthusiasts our technical jargon remains with iOS, Android Native and HTML5 development. The ability to be ably connect and co-relate to a client, a product or an idea is something that breathes life into the work we do. For us work is not only our passion but our driving force for life!!!
Once upon a time the frequency of an app was based on its written code, but we at 3 Roots Studios work out of the box and give utmost priority to the app’s architecture and its relevant technology is determined by a team of lead architect and senior developers.
Our phase-wise development works simultaneously balancing technological expertise, time management and incremental builds that allows the client to review and access the app/game or website during its production. This one-on-one interactions help analyse incremental quality and assures an outcome that’s approved and like by us and the client.
Our version of beautifying binary spells not only in the development but also a successful launch on the store with a live website. We at 3 Roots Studios work on an integral root base of value that validates and evaluates the scope and success of an app through its stringent Apple’s acceptance process and the performance of the app/game or website when its “LIVE”.


What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from. Providing a consolidated platform for start-to-end solutions in mobile apps and games to disaster recovery. The primary maintenance of after-sales service and usage is acutely thought of and aided by our designs and technical know-how.


Conceiving an idea and developing an app/game or website is only half the battle fought. Marketing the app/game at the right time, in a systematic and calculated way, to a specific audience and creating a buzz that results in the success and acceptance of the app/game is a feat in itself. We at 3 Roots Studios master this post-production stage with the help of a robust network of in-house and partner marketers such that our version of beautifying binary also yields triumphant numbers and statistics.


A gilded app needs its share of maintenance to be able to gleam persistently from solving any occasional bugs, ongoing features enhancements, revamped versions to whole new versions we do it all till our association with the app/game. On hand-over we intricately select and train the subsequent team to be able to contribute and further elevate the performance of the app/game. 3 Roots Studios is known to retain its beautifying binary from A to Z of the project and even passes it on creating an ever-expanding aura of its own.