Let’s beautify binary

Un’code’ing Communication

We are constant learners! We research, learn and analyse to develop robust tools and techniques that helps us design and develop tech-solutions for our clients that are high quality, reliable and pocket friendly too.


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An innovation by the minute and development by the second is what we base our work at 3 Roots Studios. We look at innovative, effective and newer technologies that can be the best possible customized solution for our clients businesses and services. Our products/services help speed up, innovate and save costs too.



Are we able to help the deaf yet? Learn more here ….


Libraries, compression methods & rates. Basically, we’re redesigning how a video can be.

Cloud Computing


Real Time

Work, across technologies is live, with R&D on the side. Everything Realtime.  


Take a picture and we could develop it better than how you look. Learn more.


Graphical work is supposed to impress & amaze visitors. Our’s will woo you. 

Mobile Payment

Android / Apple Pay, what else? Have you tried using Gestures to pay?


Research, behind the scenes of a tech platform can include some REST & SOAP. 


Find out our latest creative codes, designed for wearable Tech!

Machine Learning

Its the age of automation, and Machine learning is just getting started. So are we!


Objective-C, Swift rule the iOS platform & its class of delivering the magic people yearn for.  


The Android platform serves as an App hub for its devices across its spectrum. 

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