Streammz is the next Netflix of India in making exclusively for Indian Language content ranging from movies, shows, audio and exclusive content. Streammz started off with Android on mobile and tablet and is in the works for Android powered Set Top Boxes.

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Whenever there is a need of information, we lookout for options on social media or google. But most of time we end up with improper information or information from untrusted sources. We all know the better source for information relies within our own network of friends. Vayout helps you get the information from your trusted network.


Technology, Entertainment and Design, the set of global conferences have been going with the spirit of ideas worth spreading since 1984. TEDxHyderabad one of the TED chapter wanted to create a mobile solution for few very common problems across any of their events, getting to know what’s scheduled when and who’s going to address the event, This problem has been so persistent that it’s no longer considered to be a problem, it has become a part of the conference/event experience, asking around what’s next or when is your favourite guy coming on the stage or who’s that guy on the stage is just another thing to do at the event. 
TEDxHyderabad mobile app is the solution to the problem.

Bunch App

Bunch App allows you to access all your social accounts at one place and helps you connect and share with your family and friends. The app lets you connect your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts and participate in activities of your friends directly from the Bunch App. Never miss an update of your loved ones. Get on to Bunch App.


Moozup is an application platform build for professional events/business conferences. Participants can be upto date with the events happening through the platform. Users can engage with other attendees of the event, connect, chat before, after and during the event.

Alif Alif FM

A live radio wave that broadcasts across Saudi Arabia from Riyadh. The need was to increase their user-base through a mobile app that would entertain users with their favourite shows, music and artists. The app had to also align with their web presence.