Vayout is the next generation social networking platform to discover and share information with contacts in your mobile. Available on iOS.


Get and share reliable information

Vayout believes that most of the times the information that you are looking for is available in your own circle of friends.

Vayout bridges the gap between information seekers and information providers.

The information providers in Vayout are your friends, or friends of friends thus making the information you seek more reliable.

We connect you to your friend and your friend would in turn help you to connect to his/her network of friends.


How it works

Compose a post crisply in 162 characters either to share information you have or to ask for the information that you need.

Set retention period (expiry) for your post based on the criticality of the information you need. The retention period ranges from 30 mins to 3 months.

Send your post to a few contacts or all contacts in your phone address book. These contacts must have Vayout installed in their mobile device.

Your contacts who received your post can forward this post to their contacts further.

Your post will travel many levels only in your trusted network and you will get information that you need within minutes.


New Post

Someone may have recently relocated to a new city and is on the lookout for a good job. The post could include include basic details like experience, age, preferred work location and suitable shift timings. For example. The illustration below is what a job post looks like.

“ Hello Everyone, I’m new to the city and looking for an accounts job. I’m 28 and I’ve got 2.5 years of experience. I prefer to say within city limits for the job and preferably a day job. Thank you for helping “


Discover and share with friends

If you think you need to have your concern addressed faster than usual, then try uploading a picture along with the message if you can. They speak louder than words.


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